Beleif 2kw Diesel Air Heater Full Installation Kit

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Belief 2kW diesel air heater full installation kit includes all components for a quiet, quality installation. Backed by 2 year warranty, spares and service of a real company at a price hundreds of dollars below the European alternatives, it is great value for money.


The full diesel air heater installation kit contains everything you need to undertake a complete professional installation to the same standard as the European diesel heater kits for approximately $500 to $600 less.

Key features include:

  • high quality Belief diesel air heater

  • custom heavy duty stainless steel mounting plate (made by us)

  • high quality stainless exhaust system with muffler and 2 lengths of exhaust

  • combustion air inlet and fuel pump silencers

  • duct and vents

  • simple to use rotary controller

  • wiring loom, nuts screws, fuel line etc.

  • choice of quality fuel tank to suit all applications (sold separately)

  • instructions written by us based on our experience doing installs

  • 2 year warranty

  • full phone backup and support, spares and service




Available Voltage 12v or 24v

Fuel Consumption (L/hour) 0.12 – 0.24

Operating Power Consumption (Amps @ 12v) 0.7 – 2.2

Weight total (kg) (exc. fuel tank) 2.6

Dimensions (mm) 323x120x121